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iPad Transfer

Why we Choose Cucusoft iPad Transfer?

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    iPad Transfer Working Steps

    ipad photo transfer

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    transfer files from ipad to mcWhy we Choose iMacsoft iPad to Mac?

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    iPad to Computer Transfer

    • Transfer music, movies and photos to apple devices;
    • Backup music, movies and photos to computer;
    • Share iPad music and movies with friends;
    • Recover iTunes Library in case computer crashed.

    How to user iPad to Computer Transfer?

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  • Step 1: Free Download and install it. Then connect your iPad to Computer.

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  • Step 3: Transfer music and videos to iTunes/Computer.

    It's done, This iPad Transfer also supports all versions of iPod/iPhone/iPhone 4/iPad.

    Download Free Trial Buy the full Version
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    iPad to iTunes

    transfer files from ipad to itunesWhy we Choose iPad to iTunes?

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